Quinntana shippers

    The episode when Quinntana was finally canon and several tumblr people died.  I saw why I really love my fellow Quinntana shippers.  Other than being smug as fuck about it all, almost everyone else reacted to all the hate towards our ship rather patiently and tolerantly.

    Love this fandom so much!

    Queering “The Goonies”


    “The Goonies” was on TV today!  Love surprises like that.  I also thought while watching it, yet again, that Stef and Andy seriously should have been the main couple.  (And I’m not the only one; they were not only a pairing for one of the Femslash Porn Battle prompts, but one that got fulfilled).  And Stef is just so baby butch cute.

    And so, in honor of queer subtext/femslash fantasies, below the cut are a few more wide-screen, high-resolution screencaps of the pair (many unremarkable, but a few rather romantic), courtesy of the awesome Screencap_me LJ community.

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    I think like America watched us realize we had two incredible talents that are here that we didn’t realize in both Heather Morris and Naya Rivera.

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    Just a simple Nayanna Rivergron wallpaper (1366 x 768) I made for my own desktop. Thought I’d share it with you guys.


    Font Superheores by Matthew Olin


    “Dream Big” was a year-long project in which Pete Fecteau created a mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. using 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes.


    Trina Robbins describes creating the first comic book story about a lesbian, which is the first comics story about any LGBTQ person that wasn’t derogatory, erotic, or a gag strip; this is the birth of the queer “literary” comics genre. “Sandy Comes Out” will be included in the No Straight Lines anthology.

    Robbins describes the reaction by queer artists Mary Wings and Roberta Gregory, who were outraged that a straight woman beat them to it. What isn’t mentioned here is that the character Sandy was actually Robert Crumb’s sister!

    This is the second snippet from an interview conducted by CCA painting major Robyn Dalbey.